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Gateway to electric fence energizers fencee power DUO RF PDX and MX10 Monitors

Device for remote central control and operation of fencee power fences DUO RF PDX Series and MX10 Monitors.

Range with basic antenna up to 10 km, with external antenna up to 30 km. Possibility to connect up to 6 generators or monitors. Wireless RF connection, without the use of a SIM card. Clear information about all devices on a large graphic LCD display.



  • Control and management up to 6 generators or Monitors - you simply pair other energizers of the power DUO RF PDX series or MX10 Monitors and you have their main values ​​clearly in one device and you can control and set them too.
  • Clear, intuitive, touch control - next to the display there are 6 touch keys with which you can easily control the whole device - use the arrow keys to select, the Enter key to confirm, the Exit key to exit, Alarm and Menu to set
  • Wireless RF connection with devices - we use wireless radio frequency technology for communication, the signal spreads widely, in common buildings, fields, forests, reaches up to 10 km ... in case of more demanding terrain, we recommend adding an external antenna, which can reach up to 30 km
  • No need for a SIM (no additional costs per operator) - you do not have to pay any provider to use the radio signal, no additional costs, it works reliably even, where there is normally no coverage of mobile networks
  • All the necessary information together in one device - the overview screen provides all important information about all fence systems at a glance
  • Large, fully graphic LCD display - a display dimensions 6.5x6.5 cm are enough to display the necessary information and can be adjusted to your needs (brightness, contrast)
  • Overview screen with information about all generators and monitors - you can immediately see what is happening in the fences and where an alarm was activated
  • Detailed display of parameters about individual energizer or Monitor - in the detailed screen you can see the exact data, in addition to information about the last transmission and the set alarms
  • Adjustable alarm level for each connected device - for each fence system you can set a different voltage value, according to your experience and habits
  • Mains power supply + backup power supply from the battery - we use a 14 V adapter for mains power supply, but you will also appreciate the possibility to disconnect and use the inserted set of batteries as a backup
  • Possibility of connecting an external warning system (siren, light) - it is possible to connect an external device to output relay, which will even better signal a problem with the fence

Gateway GW10

Power source: 230 V / 50 Hz, DC 14 V
Power consumption: maximum 300 mA
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