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Other electric fence accessories

In our e-shop you will also find a number of other accessories for the electric fence. Here you can choose for example, 12 V batteries, lightning arresters to protect the electric fence against lightning strikes, accessories for installing the gate, accessories for easily attaching the electric energizer to the wall and more.

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DUO 14 V fencee adapter

Length: 1,5 m
Weight: 0,1 kg
Product detail

Pad under the car against marten and other pests

Colour: black - matt
Weight: 9 kg
Dimension: 115 x 99 cm
Product detail

Tape connector

Weight: 0,10 kg
In the package: 5 ks
Product detail

Temperature balancing spring, Galvanized

Diameter: 43 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg
Length: 435 mm
Product detail

Polywire connector

Weight: 0,13 kg
In the package: 5 ks
Product detail