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Fence system parameters monitoring device Monitor MX10

Equipment for remote monitoring of fence parameters. It measures fence system voltage and wirelessly sends data to the central gateway.

  • Range with basic antenna up to 10 km
  • Range with external antenna up to 30 km
  • Wireless RF connection
  • Without the use of a SIM card
  • It monitors critical points and immediately informs about voltage drops


  • Up to 6 MX10 Control Monitors can be installed on one fence system to divide the fence into multiple zones.
    In case of voltage drop at the measured location below the set limit, an alarm is set at central gateway and the user immediately recieves a signal about the fault.
  • Wireless RF connection with Gateway - we use wireless radio frequency technology for communication, the signal spreads widely, in common buildings, fields, forests, reaches up to 10 km ... in case of more demanding terrain, we recommend adding an external antenna, which can reach up to 30 km
  • No need for a SIM (no additional costs per operator) - you do not have to pay any provider to use the radio signal, no additional costs, it works reliably even where there is normally no coverage of mobile networks
  • Simple and safe operation with a magnet
  • Easy and fast connection of FASTON connectors
  • BrightLight LED indication
    Learn more about the installation and wiring options of the MX10 Monitor


Monitor MX10

Power source: 2 × bateries, type C LR14 V
External antenna SMA connector: √
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