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Policy of processing cookies files

This document describes how the operator of the website VNT electronics s.r.o. uses cookies when you are using our websites. The operator of the website is VNT electronics s.r.o., IČ: 64793826, with center in Dvorská 605, 563 01 Lanškroun.

Regarding the personal data, you can contact us at email address

We named the persons for protecting the personal data whose you can contact at email address

1. Cookies general

1.1 Cookies are small text files which save on your computer, smartphone, or another device during surfing websites or apps which allow recognition of the user. We also use cookies term as a shortcut for other technologies which allow finding out the user's behavior on the sites (for example pixel)

1.2 Information saved in cookies can be connected to your habits during surfing the websites or they can cover a unique identification code that allows the website to recognize you on your next visit. 

1.3 Cookies by their lifetime:

1.3.1 Short-term cookies are deleted from the browser when it is closed.
1.3.2 Long-term cookies stay in the browser even after it is closed and they are deleted depending on their settings – lifetime or if we don´t delete them by ourselves.

1.4 We also divide cookies depending on the subject which is using them:

1.4.1 First side cookies are cookies made by our web and they are for the right working websites.
1.4.2 Third side cookies are saved through our websites but these cookies can be processed and used by the third side.

1.5 Every cookie which is coded on our site is connected to some service below. Every service can use a different amount of cookies files that can have a different lifetime. A bigger amount of cookies have a short-term lifetime but for your clear knowledge, we always have shown the long-term lifetime cookies.

2 Consent to the use of cookies

2.1 If you give us approval with using the cookies on our sites, we will save your browser information that is connected with your visit, most of the time in form of cookie files. It is about information about your preferences, devices or about what you searched in the past. We use this information for a better and more comfortable web, for creating a relevant marketing campaign and for sharing the content on social media.

2.2 The exception is cookies that are necessary for the function of the sites. For using these cookies we don´t need your agreement and because of it they are active all the time.

2.3 You can set your cookies setting here.

2.4 If you give an agreement with the saving cookies you also give an agreement with processing your personal data by three side cookie workers. Some of these workers or their partners can be from countries where is not that strict protection of personal data, especially the USA.

3 Necessary cookies

3.1 These cookies are necessary for the right function of the sites, they allow you to surf through the sites and ensure the right function.

Name Goal Processed data Lifetime
Functional cookie of the websites
VNT electronics s.r.o.
Ensuring the functional websites Data about the user and saved items 14 days

4 Functional cookies

4.1 Functional cookies help our site with a comfortable experience from the visit. We can set it by ourselves or providers of the three sides that we use their services. If you don´t allow the cookies files, it is possible that some or all services won´t work right.

4.2 If there starts any process of your personal data, the main process is our valid interest.

4.3 Functional cookies that you can find on our websites:

Name Goal Processed data  Lifetime
Google maps
Provider: Google Ireland Limited
This service allows you to find us on the enclosed map from the Google company. We don´t use cookies that are saved through this map but the third side can use and analyze them. Unique anonymous visitors ID 1 year
Google Fonts
Provider: Google Ireland Limited
This service helps us with showing the right texts and their fonts on our website. We don´t use the information from cookies but the third side can use and analyze them. Unique anonymous visitors ID 1 year

5 Analytics cookie

5.1 They help us to follow the amount the visitors and from what browser they are coming from, thanks to this we can make better power of our site. We can specify with them which sites are the most favorite and which are not and also we can follow the way how the visitors surfing on the web. We use only aggregate data because we don´t know your identity from them. If we use third side cookies, our partner can connect this information with other data that he has maybe because you use their services. If you don´t allow cookie files, we won´t know when you visited our site.

5.2 If there starts any process of your personal data, the main process is our valid interest. If there is some connection with the data of our partner, there is a legal reason which is the agreement that you gave during allowing the cookies. The legal reason for processing in case of using the Hotjar service is your agreement.

5.3 Analytics cookies that you can find on our websites:

Name Goal Processed data   Lifetime
Google Analytics
Provider: Google Ireland Limited
Service helps us to get information about users' behavior on the site. We use this information for getting static information and for better services IP address, unique anonymous visitors ID, information about using our site, time and amount of visitors, where you found our site, technical data about your device, demographic data 2 years
  Google Analytics uses Google analytics conversion code for the goal of getting the static information about effectivity our advertising activities on different platforms, not only on Google sites Price and content of the sent order. 2 years

6 Advertising cookies

6.1 These cookie files can be set on our site partners from advertisement. They can use them for creating profiles about your hobbies and depending on them they can show you advertisements on the other sites. But they don´t save your personal information straight but through a unique identification browser and internet device. If you don´t allow them, you will have a less pointed promotion on the sites.

6.2 The base of processing personal data for the marketing function is the agreement that you gave us during allowing the cookie files.

6.3 Advertising cookies that you can find on our websites:

Name Goal Processed data    Lifetime
Google Ads
Provider: Google Ireland Limited
Service helps us with the settings of effective advertising campaigns. She helps us address our visitors again. If you are browsing some of our products, the advertisement on our products can show when you visit a website that is connected to the advertising net Google. IP address, unique anonymous visitors ID, and information about using our site. 3 months
  For knowledge of more effective advertisement, we use cookies Google Ads conversion key which is for analyzing this advertisement. Price and content of the sent order. 3 months
Sklik remarketing, a.s.
Service covers device identification and then marketing addressing on advertising spaces in browser Seznam. IP address, unique anonymous visitors ID, information about using our site. 3 months
  For measuring the effectiveness, we use Sklik conversion code. Price and content of the sent order. 3 months
Facebook remarketing
Meta Platforms Ireland Limited
Service uses Facebook for giving a series of advertising products, for example, requests in real time from third sides advertisers.

Information about using our site, history of browsing categories and products, past purchases

90 days
Facebook button
Meta Platforms Ireland Limited
They allows you to share the content on social media Facebook. If you click on the button share, you will be transferred to the social media Facebook which can save the cookie to your browser. We don´t use these cookies files. Collecting information and its use is following the operator's terms. Information about using our site 1 year

7 Receivers of personal data

7.1 We use third side cookies for the maximum effectiveness of websites. Your data can be given to our partners because we use their services thanks to third side cookies. These service providers can use your personal data for their own purposes because of their own policy treating personal data so they are others administrators of personal data. We don´t have any influence on their policy treating personal data.

7.2 If you are a registered user of specific providers' services, then this provider can connect information from the cookie with information that he has from your registration.

7.3 List of the third side cookie providers:

Provider Name of the service Link on information about policy treating data from cookies provider
Google Ireland Limited Google Analytics
Google Maps
Google Ads
Google fonts, a.s. Sklik
Meta Platforms Ireland Limited Facebook Pixel
Facebook tlačítko 

7.4 In other cases our partners are giving the services on the base of third side cookie by our workers. That means that these providers treat personal data from cookies only by our instructions.

8 What are your rights?

8.1 Due to law regulations you have the law to request us for information or do some operation with personal data.

8.1.1 The right to cancel the agreement. If we are processing your personal data with your agreement, you can cancel the agreement anytime.
8.1.2 The right of cancellation: Under certain circumstances, you have the right to request us for deleting your data, for example if you cancel the agreement with processing your personal data or if your personal data aren´t needed anymore for the previous goal.
8.1.3 The right to access: You have the right to copy your personal data that we are keeping and some information about how we use them.
8.1.4 The right on change: If you are thinking that the information that we have about you are not right, you can request us for their change.
8.1.5 The right to raise an objection: You have the right to raise an objection against processing that we are doing due to authorized interest.
8.1.6 The right on portable data: It is right on giving access to personal data in machine reading format which we can use on personal data that you give us and which we process for the right contract that we have with you.
8.1.7 The right on limiting process: Due to some circumstances you have the right to request us to stop using your personal information, for example, if you are thinking that your personal information that we have are not right or they aren´t needed anymore for your using.

8.2 Only you can send a request, in case your proxy. If we aren't sure about requester identity, we can ask you for more information about your identity for verification.

8.3 Our duty for complying with the request depends in some cases on which goal we use your information. Some laws we can use only for specific goals or some exceptions can exist.

8.4 You can use your laws on the email address, you can change your approval by using the cookies files here.

9 Effectivity of policy

9.1 These policy are effective from 1. 1. 2022. We can change them on our websites.

You hereby grant the consent of VNT electronics sro, with its registered office at Dvorská 605, 563 01 Lanškroun, IČ: 64793826, entered in the public register kept at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, Section C, Insert 9839 (hereinafter the “Administrator”), No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Protection Act”) processed the following personal data: name and surname e-mail any other information that you write in the forms on this website or in the emails sent to the addresses listed on this website The above personal data must be processed in order to prepare an offer or contract, process an order or send a price list. These data will be processed by the Administrator for a period of 1 year.