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Gates for electric fences

.The gate serves as a safe entrance to the enclosure. It must be easy to close and still conduct tension. A non-conductive plastic handle can be used to safely handle the entrance.

There is a choice of a complete gate set with spring, especially suitable for cattle and forest animals, or a complete gate set with flexible wire, which we recommend for horses. The spring set is less visible to the horse and there is a risk of the tail becoming entangled in the spring.

Both sets include a circular insulator to the gate which has two connecting lugs that rotate 360°, these are suitable for a good quality attachment of the handle and wire.

We recommend turning off the power to the fence when going through the gate, this will avoid any animals being spooked by unexpected contact with the wire. Convenient and immediate switching off of the fence power supply is made possible by our remote control for fencee power DUO RF PDX generators.

If you need to create a smaller entry gate exactly to your specifications, just use the handle itself and the circular insulator to the mesh gate. You measure the length of the conductor according to the width of the gate, shorten the conductor by the length of the handle. You attach the handle and drill the gate insulators into the post where the handle hooks into. For gate posts where there is significant tension, it is recommended to use solid wooden posts.

Ideally, we recommend tying each row of wires to the gate. Thus, if you have three rows of wires, it is a good idea to have three gates with handles.

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Automatic gate for electric fence, polytape 40 mm, length 6 m

Length: 6 m
Conductor: stainless steel 9 × 0,2 mm mm
Width: 40 mm

Product detail

Automatic gate with electric fence rope 6 mm, length 5.8 m

Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 5,8 m
Conductor: stainless steel 6 × 0,3 mm

Product detail

Conductive flexible elastic rope 7 mm for fence gate, 50 m

Diameter: 7 mm
Length: 50 m
Conductor: Stainless steel 3 × 0,15 mm

Product detail

Entrance gate for nettings, 112 cm

Heigth: 112 cm
Width: 1200 mm
Weight: 2,4 kg

Product detail

Gate handle with coupling for tape up to 40 mm

Weigth: 150 g
Colour: Black
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Gate for electric fence netting, 105 cm

Heigth: 105 cm
Width: 860 mm
Weight: 3,5 kg

Product detail

Gate for electric fence netting, 125 cm

Heigth: 125 cm
Width: 860 mm
Weight: 4,3 kg

Product detail

Gate handle for electric fence

Weigth: 95 g
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Gate insulator for steel T-post, 3 eyelets for handles - 2 pcs

Colour: Black
In the package: 2 pcs
Material: metal and plastic

Product detail

Gate insulator for steel T-posts - 2 pcs

Diameter: thread 6 mm
Colour: Black
In the package: 2 pcs

Product detail

Handle with spring 5 m for electric fence gate

Diameter: 20 mm
Weigth: 456 g
Length: 500 cm

Product detail

Insulated No-Kick handle for electric fences

Weigth: 33 g
Length: 20 cm
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Insulator for electric fence for gate, 3 eyelets

Weigth: 68 g
Heigth: 8,5 cm
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Insulator for electric fence gate

Weigth: 57 g
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Kit for gate electrification for electric fence

Weigth: 1240 g
Length: rope 14 m
Conductor: ø 6 mm

Product detail

Red gate handle for electric fence

Weigth: 136 g
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Gate handle for electric fence, yellow

Weigth: 155 g
In the package: 1 pcs
Material: metal, plastic

Product detail

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