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Installation of the Modern Smart Farm System in the Zoo - Zlín

Installation of the Modern Smart Farm System in the Zoo - Zlín

In the autumn of 2021, we installed an electric fence system on animal pens in the Zlín zoo. We applied our smart farm to increase overall work efficiency. It concerned a unique system for controlling electric fencing from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Preparation for Installation of Modern Smart Farm

Prior to the implementation of the project, careful planning and preparation in the form of meetings with technicians and the zoo management were ensured. We were submitted requirements for fencing needing safeguarding and the expectations. Our technicians then tested the quality of reception at the designated places of installation. It was discovered that an external antenna would have to be used in certain RF owing to the difficult and hilly terrain at the installation sites. After these consultations and tests, we were ready to carry out the arranged installation and to commission the system.

“The new electric fence system enables us to have our paddocks under constant control and facilitates the identification of a particular point of failure. It’s a really unique system in all respects.”

                                                                    Roman Horský - Zoo Zlín

The goal of the project was to install the Modern smart farm system on five animal fences in the Zoo area. They were fences, specifically, for bears, lions, geladas, tigers, and hyenas. Two powerful energizers for electric fencing energy DUO RF EDX150 (15 J output) and, as per need, two up to four control Monitors MX10, ensuring surveillance over the entrance gate and over the critical points of the electric fencing, were installed on each fence. All equipment was controlled from two central units FENCE Wi-Fi GATEWAY GW100. One of the important parts of the installation was also commissioning the web fencee Cloud application on one central computer.  

Let’s start

On the installation day, in front of the Zlín Zoo building, we met the lead technician responsible for the technical side of the installation on the Zoo’s part. There were carts prepared for transportation of material to the pens, and helpful staff waiting for us at each pen. Since there was no need to wait for anyone, everything went smoothly. After installing two fences and having a nice lunch in a local restaurant, the technicians proceeded to work on three remaining pens. At about 4 p.m., everything was completed – installed, connected, paired. Five pens were successfully safeguarded through new smart RF energizers that were subsequently connected to the fencee Cloud and paired with the central control gateway. The central control gateway was installed in a suitable elevated place in the Zoo’s technology room. The last part of the project was commissioning of the system in the main computer, i.e. the adjustment of all required alarm values on individual fences, the assignment of access and rights to individual users, and, last but not the least, training of the Zoo’s lead technician.

In the drop-down menu, you can see all RF devices installed in the Zlín Zoo.

fencee Cloud
15 J

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO RF EDX150

Power source: 230 V ~ / 12
Energizer consumption 230 V: 6 - 21 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 200 - 1250 mA
Product detail
fencee Cloud

Monitor MX10

Power source: 2 × bateries, type C LR14
fencee Cloud connection: √
Magnetic controller: √
Product detail
fencee Cloud


Backup battery: 9,6 V - 800m Ah
Power source: 230 V ~ / 50 Hz, 14 VDC
Energizer consumption 230 V: maximum 300 mA
Product detail

External antenna 2 m for RF units

Transmission frequency: 869,525 MHz
Weight: 0,1 kg
Product detail
5 products shown

Conclusion & Acknowledgement

The whole installation took 1 working day, and we believe it has brought huge benefits and time savings in addition to the Zoo’s excellent work. Thanks to the modern smart farm system, the zoologists now have, through their mobile phones, constant control of the animal fences, literally from anywhere and, if a problem occurs, their phones notify them immediately in the form of a text message and e-mail. From the main computer, a technician can monitor and control all fences and has complete control of all animal fences in the area. In his speech and acknowledgment, Roman Horský, Director of the Zlín Zoo, summarized everything the Smart farm system offers. “The new electric protection system enables us to have the fencing under constant control and facilitates the identification of a particular point of failure. It’s a unique system in all respects.”

We deeply appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with Zlín Zoo. We are convinced that next smart farm products will be added thanks to the functions and contribution of the entire system.

Take a look at a video about the modern smart farm and the fencee Cloud application

A short video with practical demonstration of the fencee Cloud application thanks to which it is possible to control the fencing by means of a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

If you are thinking about the Smart farm system, contact us. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you deal with the details in the event of your purchase and commissioning of our system.