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Smart Farm in Zoo Zlín III.: Continuation of successful cooperation

Smart Farm in Zoo Zlín III.: Continuation of successful cooperation

The last piece to the puzzle of providing smart electric fence protection at the Zoo Zlín was the security of the new Jaguar Trek complex and exposition, which is being completed. The contact from the Zoo took place after several months of satisfaction with the functioning of the Smart Farm System fencee for the first 5 animal enclosures, about which we wrote in the previous article.

JAGUAR TREK under the online supervision of the Smart Farm

We didn't hesitate for a minute. It was a great honor for us to participate in the new largest exhibition with these beautiful animals in Europe with an area of over 2000 m². To secure the enclosures and the whole area with jaguars, five Smart energizers energy DUO RF EDX150 with another third central device GATEWAY GW100 were used. A control device Monitor MX10 was also installed at each electric fence entrance. Now the Zoo staff has the whole area of the jaguars under constant control, and they also have an absolute overview of every electric fence.

JAGUAR TREK under the online supervision of the Smart Farm fencee Cloud
After the installation all parts of the Smart Farm fencee Cloud system, forming a complex electric security system for the newly built area with jaguars, all devices were marked in the PC version of the fencee Cloud application. For better orientation, all the elements of the system were plotted on map bases with the real location of individual devices. The PC version of the application also allows you to mark all the electric fences using virtual fences, thanks to which you can locate the place of a possible fault at a glance. Finally, for security reasons, individual employees have been granted rights to control certain functions of the application.

After more than half a year of using our system, we bring you a detailed description with an interview about the functioning of the entire system of the Smart Farm fencee Cloud in the Zlín Zoo. We talked about the remote control and advantages of the system with the manager of electric fences, Vlastimil Mizera.

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Project result and overall satisfaction

Finally, let's summarize the overall implementation and operation of the Smart Farm system in the Zoo. In the first phase of the project, five enclosures with animals were secured. In the second phase, all the electric components for the new Jaguar Trek facility were delivered. During this installation, the Zoo's equipment was expanded by a third central device GATEWAY GW100, to which five Smart RF energizers of the electric fence and three control monitors were connected. There are currently 34 Smart RF devices in operation.

fencee Cloud
15 J

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO RF EDX150

Power source: 230 V ~ / 12
Energizer consumption 230 V: 6 - 21 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 200 - 1250 mA
Product detail
fencee Cloud


Backup battery: 9,6 V - 800m Ah
Power source: 230 V ~ / 50 Hz, 14 VDC
Energizer consumption 230 V: maximum 300 mA
Product detail
fencee Cloud

Monitor MX10

Power source: 2 × bateries, type C LR14
fencee Cloud connection: √
Magnetic controller: √
Product detail

External antenna 2 m for RF units

Transmission frequency: 869,525 MHz
Weight: 0,1 kg
Product detail
4 products shown

We consider the cooperation with the Zlín Zoo to be a very successful project. All the expectations from the Zoo have been fulfilled, mainly due to the fact that the Smart Farm system saves the Zoo staff and technicians valuable hours of work every day. The words of the manager of the electric fences testify to the fact that the project fully fulfilled its purpose:

"Thanks to the Smart Farm system, I can be sure that all the electric fences are working correctly. What we appreciate most is the online supervision, where we can clearly see the status of individual fences. So we can be completely calm, we control and check everything immediately from the phone or computer. We are forced to physically check the remaining electric fences that are not secured with a Smart fence system every other day."

Electric fence manager Vlastimil Mizera

Let’s take a look at how we installed our unique system for controlling and monitoring electric fences in a zoo.

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Return on investment

The result of the installation our Smart system is a time saving of 3 hours every day. 11 working days in a working month. If we think about the financial aspect and convert working hours into money, the monthly saving is 1 051 €. For the entire working year, the savings amount is over 12 612 €, which is more than half of the purchase price. But above all, the huge benefit of the entire Smart Farm system in the Zlín Zoo is: "Absolutely perfect overview of the status of all electric fences and a time-saver for workers." As Mr. Mizera, the Zoo's electric fence manager says.

Smart Farm fencee Cloud in Zoo Zlín - Return on investment
We wish all the animals and visitors of Zoo Zlín a pleasant stay and thanks for this cooperation to make the work of the Zoo staff more efficient. If you are thinking about purchasing a Modern Smart Farm system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you fine-tune all the installation details.

You can read more about the opening of the new Jaguar Trek exhibition here:
Pictures: Zoo Zlín archive

In the gallery, you can find samples from the fencee Cloud app and also some photos of the new enclosure for jaguars.