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Central device FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100

Control RF devices via mobile phone

Control RF devices via mobile phone

Functions of product Central device FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100

Current information Alarm signaling Cloud connection Control up to 12 devices Control from phone Backup power No SIM CARD needed Saves time Range up to 10 km Range up to 30 km Touch control

Product´s description Central device FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100

FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100 enables remote central control and operation of power DUO RF PDX and energy DUO RF EDX energizers. You can also monitor fence voltage with the Monitor MX10 connection using the gateway.

You have clear access to all important information about the fence and the possibility to set an alarm for each fence and monitor, which will alert you to exceeding the set limits.

The energizer can be switched off remotely, switched on, changing the power (50% / 100%), setting alarms, checking the voltage value. You get information about the state of the fence voltage from the monitor.

Overview of the main benefits:

  • Control and monitoring of up to 12 energizers or monitors
  • Connection to fencee Cloud app
  • Still online, current information
  • Clear, intuitive, touch control
  • Free and wireless RF connection with energizer s and monitors
  • There is no need for a SIM card, so there are no additional costs for operating the device
  • All the necessary information together in one device
  • Adjustable alarm level for each connected device
  • Mains supply + battery backup
  • Range with basic antenna up to 10 km
  • Possibility of connecting an external antenna and increasing the communication range up to 30 km
  • Possibility to connect an external warning system (siren, light)
  • Always up-to-date software downloadable via the Internet
  • Large LCD display clearly displays all important information about the device
  • Overview screen with information about all energizer s and monitors
  • Detailed display of parameters of an individual energizer or monitor

Control smart RF devices via mobile phone
Control smart RF devices via mobile phone

Control smart RF devices via mobile phone

Save time and control electric fence conveniently from wherever you need with the fencee Cloud app

Package contents:

  • Basic RF antenna
  • 14 VDC power adapter
  • Operating instructions
  • 9.6 V backup battery pack
  • 2 pcs - screw and dowel for installation
Backup battery 9,6 V - 800m Ah
Power source 230 V ~ / 50 Hz, 14 VDC
Energizer consumption 230 V maximum 300 mA
LCD display
fencee Cloud connection
Sound warning system
External antenna SMA connector
Number of connected devices 1 - 12
Base antenna range up to 10 km
Range with external antenna up to 30 km
Transmission frequency 869,525 MHz
Transmitting power +22 dBm
Weigth 446 g
Dimension 165 × 116 × 35 mm


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utility model

Protected by utility model

Smart Farm fencee Cloud system is protected in the EU utility model Nº 1870632, Nr. 202018102939, Nr. 31675

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