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10 principles for the correct functioning of the fence

You should follow these principles, if you want to have a safe electric fence.

  1. Quality fencee energizer with suitable impulse strength.
  2. Keep fence clear, free of vegetation such as grass, shrubs and branches. Otherwise the pulses are "diverted" into the ground, reducing the efficiency of the fence and excessive battery consumption (especially for battery types).
  3. Ensure perfect earthing. At least 1 m deep or in several places. It is advisable to choose the dampest possible location - the conductivity increases. Use stainless, well-conducting metal. Ensure a conductive connection between the ground rods and between the pulse source itself, including the contacts on the device.
  4. Use original connectors. Do not connect wires by knots. In an emergency use at least a soft binding wire to support the connection. The fence wires must not be interrupted anywhere.
  5. Use only well-conducting material. The use of low-resistance conductors is necessary especially for long fences (over 2 km of conductor).
  6. The conductor and especially the ground rod must not be rusty - the rust insulates.
  7. Use tapes for horses grazeings, not wire. The tape is more visible and does not cut.
  8. Find a good connection between the energizer and the fence. Use a high voltage cable for a perfect connection.
  9. For battery energizers check the battery level regularly.
  10. Keep in mind that you must measure a minimum voltage of 2000 V anywhere in the fence. This value will exceed the skin resistance of the animals. For large and less sensitive animals, this value is 3000 V.

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