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How-to guide

General information

Due to the use of the most modern technologies, we can offer you a wide range of functions for fencee energizers compared to competing models.

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How to choose the right energizer?

Choosing a suitable energizer is very important for the correct functioning of the fence system.

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Before you consider your device to be defected, make sure that the problem is not caused by improper use or a low battery. A list of possible faults is given in the instructions, that are included in each package of the energizer.

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How does an electric fence work?

The electric fence consists of an electric energizer and a fence set out by poles and conductors. The electric energizer supplies the fence line with current pulses. These pulses are characterized by high voltage and very short duration (less than 0.0003 sec.).

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Recommended wire heights

For electric fence to be effective, it is necessary having suitable installation, which usually depends on the type of animal.

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fencee Cloud application

Have you ever dreamed of being able to check your electric fence from anywhere you need? Then we have great news for you! Find out more about fencee Cloud app and the Modern smart farm fencee...

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10 principles for the correct functioning of the fence

You should follow these principles if you want to have a safe electric fence.

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Can fencee energizers endure rain, snow or sun shining?

Yes, we manufacture all our products in such a way, that they are not harmed by ordinary weather conditions. Plastic parts are made with UV protection. All parts are thoroughly insulated and sealed with each other.

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How to use a grounding quality terminal and terminal with reduced output?

The green or yellow output terminal on powerful fencee energy DUO ED energizers and smart energizers energy DUO RF EDX may be of great benefit in farming your animals. So let's describe it better how to connect these terminals correctly and what benefits bring to your elctric fences.

Using the yellow terminal with reduced output the second fence, in which smaller animals are kept, may be supplied or it may be connected separately to the fence’s lower wire to deal with overgrown vegetation.

The green terminal is a useful aid in determining the quality of earthing and also to measure the earthing on your electric fence.

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Positive-Negative electric fence

What does Positive-Negative electric fence mean and what is it mostly used for? The Pos-Neg is called no ground, in short it means that the animal does not have to be in contact with the ground to receive an electric shock. It is most often used to fight against predators and pests, such as martens or weasels, that try to get into your homes, roofs and land.

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