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Complete electric fence kits against wolf

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Considering the current situation with wolves, we have prepared several electric fence kits against wolves with a special electric fence net. A higher electric net seems to be the best way to protect animals from the attack of a wolf or a larger dog.

In the case of an electric fence with posts and wires, after persistent exploration of the fence's weaknesses, the wolf will slip through the gap between the wires. By using an electric net, this problem is eliminated and the wolf has no choice but to burrow under the net.


This is where a special electric net intervenes to protect the herd from the wolf, which has very good electrical wiring at the bottom of the net compared to other electric nets. This ensures that the wolf has to make a huge effort to burrow under the net without receiving an electric shock. Most electrical grids have a non-conductive bottom line. In a wolf-proof net, the bottom line with conductors can be connected to earth, making it difficult to trip. It will also increase the effectiveness of the electric fence in dry, sandy ground. The net has the added advantage of providing an optical barrier due to the distinctive colour and density of the interwoven wires.

We've put together some examples of what a functional electric wolf fence can look like. Complete kits that vary in the source of the electric fence with different capacities and options. For example, smart RF electric fence sources with remote control or even the ability to control the fence with your mobile phone whenever and wherever you need.

If you have any questions, feel free to write or call us. We will be happy to advise you on how to build a safe wolf fence.