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Functions and features of the multifunctional collar fencee GPS F10

Functions and features of the multifunctional collar fencee GPS F10

We are introducing a new product that will bring even more freedom for the animals themselves and especially for farmers and breeders. A modern efficient virtual fence solution where animals are controlled and monitored by a smart GPS collar via an app.

Get maximum flexibility - the ability to build any length of virtual fence, wherever and whenever you want, directly from your mobile phone. Thanks to the multifunctional collar fencee GPS F10 you will have an absolute overview of all your animals. You will get information about their activity, current position, and health condition.

What does the virtual GPS fence offer?

You'll give your animals access to rich pastures very easily. With the app, you simply define an area and „build“ a virtual fence wherever you need it. A virtual fence can be easily adjusted and moved, allowing animals access to new areas whenever you see fit.

Thanks to close monitoring and remote control, unwanted movements and surprises are avoided because the animals will always be 100% under control. Automatic detection of key animal moments allows you to make the right decision with plenty of real data.

  • 24/7 supervision of the entire herd
  • Access real-time data on your mobile phone from anywhere
  • Overview of the current location and movement of animals
  • Overview of animal health, monitoring of vital functions
  • Complete overview of all collared animals, their records and remote control of the entire herd
  • Optimizing the use of pastures, avoiding overgrazing of certain areas
  • Defining the pasture with virtual fences, alerts when leaving the defined area
  • Prevention against loss of the animal or theft
  • Minimum manual work due to remote control

How it works

Multifunctional GPS collars placed on the animals collect all important data. Collars are lightweight, ergonomic and 100% waterproof. Powered by a rechargeable battery with sufficient endurance. The location of the animals is tracked using precision GPS - an advanced GPS system for tracking the location of animals on pasture. Display via a web interface or on mobile phones running Android or iOS.

Proactive animal monitoring

Increase savings and avoid complications with proactive animal tracking – the GPS collar monitors the animal's movements day and night. You can track the animal's movement activity, distance traveled, distance from the rest of the herd, distance from the waterer, rest time, sleep time, all in visual reports.

Detect sick animals before their health deteriorates - by looking for abnormal behaviour in a sick animal and using implemented controls, you can detect unusual behaviour early and prevent more serious problems.

Efficient animal management

Manage cattle in real time, divide them into different herds, control their movement and persistence in specific places on the pasture, avoid inefficient movement away from the water source. Define protected areas and watercourses - to ensure their protection as a precaution.

Improved land profitability

Optimize land use with pasture management - define virtual pastures, move your herd as needed, ensure the best return on your land, and achieve better profitability thanks to rotational grazing.

Accuracy thanks to technology

GPS collar fencee uses the latest technology.

  • For localization and exact position, the device uses a GPS receiver, Glonass, Galileo
  • Communication via 2G mobile network, NB-IoT
  • Other device options are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity
Accuracy thanks to technology
Ergonomic with ideal dimensions

Ergonomic with ideal dimensions

Ideal size for placing on the animal's neck. Separate compartment for easy and safe battery replacement.

  • Dimensions: 130 × 50 × 75 mm
  • Weight: 290 g, without belt
  • Temperature range: - 20 to + 70 ℃
  • Protection against water: IP67

Detection of key moments

Easily adjustable alerts.

  • Physical activity - detecting anomalies in the behaviour of each animal
  • Loss or theft - warning in case of leaving the defined area
  • Body temperature - warning of high animal temperature
  • Birth - warning in case of a birthing animal
Detection of key moments
Clear mobile app

Clear mobile app

With the app, you can keep an eye on your animals around the clock and solve everything in just a few clicks.

  • Get a complete overview of animals and entire herds
  • Set up virtual pastures and move your herd as needed
  • Thanks to detailed charts with animal activity, you will know about every injury
  • Heat maps help you get an overview of where your pastures are most productive

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