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Solution for modern smart farm

Read an article about a modern smart farm from the magazine Zemědělec 37/2020 - Precision agriculture pg. 20

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Electric fence energizer or electronic invisible fence?

Differences, that will make your decision easier.

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"I have another energizer remote control at home as an alarm" says Milan Petr from Trojanovice

Fence power energizer DUO RF PDX50 / power 5 J
Used for: 40 cows / 40 sheeps
Fence: length 3 - 4 km / measured voltage 10 kV

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"The biggest advantage of the electric fence energizer is the remote control" says Pavlína Němečková from Lhota near Vsetín

Fence power energizer DUO RF PDX70 / power 7 J
Used for: 100 sheep, breed East Frisian sheep
Fence: nets of 25 pcs / length 1.2 km / measured voltage 5.5 kV

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