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Electric fence energizers fencee energy DUO ED

Range of powerful combined energizers fencee energy DUO ED. Suitable for long fences burdened with vegetation, where it is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. Due to their power up to 15 J, they can provide sufficient voltage even for very grassy fences. An integrated microprocessor controls the entire operation and ensures optimal energizer performance.

  • The modern solution of these energizers offers an output of 8 - 15 J and possible installation up to 120 km.
  • The power supply of the enrgizers is combined, ie. using a mains adapter (230 V) or a standard battery (12 V). Use the battery in places where isn't electricity or as a backup source. Due to the higher consumption of energy DUO ED energizers, long-term operation on the battery is not suitable. It serves mainly as a backup source.
  • The large graphic display with control buttons clearly informs about important values ​​on the fence.
  • Energizers of this series are designed for all animals, but also suitable for young such as calves, foals.

fencee energy DUO ED energizers with output higher than 5 J comply with the special requirements prescribed by the standard.

This is a time delay in power increasing which ensures safety. The product must be marked with the symbol (hourglass). The energizers have a time delay of 50 seconds.

  • This means that when the fence is loaded and resistance drops below 500 ohms (overgrown grass,fallen branch,...), energizer will supply a maximum of 5 J, for a period of 50s. If the fence resistance does not increase during this time (elimination of the cause), energizer will gradually increase the output energy (e.g. energy DUO ED 150 up to 15 J).

Another function is the warning when the fence is suddenly loaded.

  • With a step drop in the fence resistance during one pulse from more than 1000 ohms to less than 400 ohms (fallen branch, tangled animal or human, ...) alarm is triggered after six pulses - acoustic signal sounds and red LED flashes. At the same time, the pulse period is slowed down to 3 s. Alarm is switched off after increasing the fence resistance to more than 600 ohms or after a period of 10 minutes. Both functions are independent and separate.

At the output of the energizer is a black earthing terminal, a red terminal for connecting the fence and a yellow terminal for connecting fence with permanently reduced energy.

  • This yellow terminal is used to connect to fences, where younger and smaller animals (foals, calves) will move to receive only a weaker approximately half impulse.
  • It is also connected separately to the bottom wire of larger fences, where vegetation is expected to grow. This output is technologically treated against losses, there is no such voltage dissipation to the ground as with normal connection and energizer power is not reduced.
  • The other wires connected to the red terminal are powered separately and at full voltage.

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8 J

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO ED80

Power source: 230 V ~ / 12
Energizer consumption 230 V: 6 - 11 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 200 - 750 mA
Product detail
10 J

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO ED100

Power source: 230 V ~ / 12
Energizer consumption 230 V: 6 - 14 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 200 - 850 mA
Product detail
12 J

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO ED120

Power source: 230 V ~ / 12
Energizer consumption 230 V: 6 - 17 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 200 - 1000 mA
Product detail
15 J

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO ED150

Power source: 230 V ~ / 12
Energizer consumption 230 V: 6 - 21 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 200 - 1250 mA
Product detail

What is the difference between the different types of fencee energy DUO ED?

Power source
Energizer consumption 230 V
Energizer consumption 12 V
Input energy
Output energy
Output voltage
Output voltage 500 Ω
LED impulse
LED low battery voltage
LED lower power 50%
LED error check
Time delay
LED impulse bargraph
Reduced output terminal
LCD display
TEOR. max. CEE
Low vegetation
Medium vegetation
High vegetation
Earthing 1 m
El. fence nets
energy DUO ED80
energy DUO ED100
energy DUO ED120
energy DUO ED150
230 V ~ / 12
230 V ~ / 12
230 V ~ / 12
230 V ~ / 12
6 - 11 W
6 - 14 W
6 - 17 W
6 - 21 W
200 - 750 mA
200 - 850 mA
200 - 1000 mA
200 - 1250 mA
11 J
13 J
15 J
20 J
8 J
10 J
12 J
15 J
10000 V
10000 V
10500 V
10500 V
7000 V
7000 V
7500 V
7500 V
230 km
300 km
320 km
350 km
80 km
90 km
100 km
120 km
17 km
22 km
25 km
28 km
8 km
10 km
13 km
16 km
290 mm
290 mm
290 mm
290 mm
108 mm
108 mm
108 mm
108 mm
3677 g
3728 g
3844 g
3836 g