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Tools for building electric fences

In the range of tools and work aids for building a electric fence you will find everything to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the electric fence.

Professional Professional crimping pliers for crimping couplings on fence wires, steel cables. Wire cutting and also for easy pulling of staples from wooden posts. With hardened, durable blades.

Two types of fence wire reels with practical handle. Blue electric fence wire reel with 1:1 ratio for winding or storing ropes, wires or tapes. Efficient reel with 3 : 1 gearing, where the reel turns three times with one turn of the handle.

For wire handling, the galvanised fence wire dispenser with adjustable sides suitable for different coil diameters will come in handy. A great tool for bending and shaping is the fence wire bender with 3 holes of 6, 4 and 3 mm diameter.

Install the posts into the ground quickly and easily with the hand-held fence T-post driver. The fence T-post extractor helps you with the removal and significantly reduces the effort required.

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Corner reinforcement set for the beginning/end for fence posts

Anchor corner set for diagonal reinforcement of the beginning and end of a electric fence…

Product detail

Corner set for T-posts, 4× diagonal sleeve, 1× top sleeve

Complete corner set to stabilize the corners of the electric fence with T-posts. Robust…

Product detail

Diagonal reinforcing sleeve for T-posts - 2 pcs

In the package: 2 pcs
Material: galvanized metal

Product detail

Farmer's pliers and hammer

Weigth: 640 g
Heigth: 27,5 cm
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Bender for fence wire, 3 holes with different diameters

Length: 14 cm
In the package: 1 pcs
Material: galvanized steel

Product detail

Hand-held reel/unreel for fence wires

One-handed unwinding tool for easy unwinding of fence wire. Prevents twisting and…

Product detail

Holder for attaching reel to steel UNI post

In the package: 1 pcs
Material: galvanized metal

Product detail

Post Driver for T-Posts

Diameter: inner 52 mm
Length: 81 cm
In the package: 1 pcs

Product detail

Professional Crimping Pliers, size 18"

Colour: Green
Length: 52 cm
Material: metal

Product detail

Reel for electric fences with 1 : 1 gear

Colour: Blue
Weight: 1,2 kg
Material: plastic and metal

Product detail

Reel for electric fences with 3 : 1 gear

Colour: Black
Weight: 2,2 kg
Material: plastic and metal

Product detail

Screws 4,5 × 40 mm - 100 pcs

Dimension: 4,5 × 40 mm
In the package: 100 pcs

Product detail

Steel wire dispenser, galvanized

Weight: 5,1 kg
In the package: 1 pcs
Material: galvanized metal

Product detail

T-post fence extractor

In the package: 1 pcs
Material: carbon steel

Product detail

Work gloves fencee

Colour: blue
Weight: 0,1 kg

Product detail

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