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Complete electric fence kits for horse

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We offer a complete electric fencing solution for horses, ponies and foals. Complete fencing kits with tape or with a quality rope that is gentle on the horse's skin and coat in case of a sudden stampede.

Take advantage of RF generators and upgrade your electric horse corrals, you 'll make your job easier. Operate your fences remotely and gain control of your fence with a remote control from up to 10 km away. RF generators can also be controlled from anywhere with a mobile phone, via the fencee Cloud app.

For electric fencing for ponies, donkeys and smaller horses, you can use the energy DUO ED generator with a yellow clamp that provides reduced output, just for smaller animals and youngsters. You can assemble complete electric horse fence kits with mobile posts very quickly.

You can use the offered electric horse fence sets only as inspiration or as a template for a possible solution for an electric horse fence.

We will be happy to help and advise you in setting up an electric fence for your animals. Contact us.

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1 J

Electric fence kit for horses, ponies, dogs, cattle and again pests - DUO energizer - polytape 200 m

Energizer consumption 230 V: 3 W
Energizer consumption 12 V: 40 - 100 mA
Output energy: 1 J

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0,6 J

Electric fence kit for horses, ponies, dogs, rabbits - mains energizer - polytape 250 m

Power source: 230 V ~
Energizer consumption 230 V: 2 W
Output energy: 0,6 J

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