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Functions and characteristics of FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100

Online information

Thanks to the connection to the Cloud, you always have current information about all connected devices online.

Alarm signalling

Device signals alarms that alert you audibly. Especially for a drop in voltage on the fence below the set level (normally 3 kV), but also a warning of a low battery condition of the device or a signal loss reporting.

Cloud connection

Device can be connected to the Cloud and remotely controlled using a mobile phone via the fencee Cloud application or the web interface.

Control up to 12 devices

You can connect up to 12 devices to one gateway. You can control and monitor several fences from one place. You get a complete overview of all connected devices.

Control from phone

Control and monitor all devices using the fencee Cloud mobile application.

Backup power

Device contains a backup battery pack. In the event of a mains power failure, the gateway will not be switched off. The backup battery power supply is able to supply voltage to the device for up to one day.

No SIM CARD needed

Devices use free RF radio technology (radio frequency). No SIM CARD is required for operation. There are no additional costs for the operation of the device.

Saves time

The end of constant walking. You can see the status of the fence on your phone.

Range up to 10 km

With basic antenna, you can control and monitor the device at a distance up to 10 km.

Range up to 30 km

Use an external antenna to increase the range. You can control and monitor all connected devices at a distance up to 30 km.

Touch control

Clear and easy control using the touch keys on the front panel of the device.

External antenna

Possibility of connecting an external antenna through SMA connector. An external antenna allows you to increase the range of the device to a distance up to 30km.

Current information

Thanks to RF technologies, smart devices are constantly communicating with each other. You have always current information on all connected devices and status of the fences.

RF technology

The device works with wireless and free RF technology. There are no additional operating costs.

Specification of the central control device WiFi GATEWAY GW100

Device for remote central control and operation of RF energizers and monitors with connection via WiFi and the possibility of controlling device using fencee Cloud application.

Thanks to the connection to fencee Cloud application, you will get on-line information and an overview of all connected devices from anywhere in the world.

You have clear access to all important information about the fence and the possibility to set an alarm for each fence and monitor, which will alert you to exceeding the set limits. The energizer can be switched off remotely, switched on, changing the power (50% / 100%), setting alarms, checking the voltage value. You get information about the state of the fence voltage from the monitor.

General characteristics:

  • Checking and controlling up to 12 energizers or monitors - you can easily pair other energizers of the power DUO RF PDX series, energy DUO RF EDX or MX10 Monitors
  • Connection to fencee Cloud
  • Still online, current information
  • Always up-to-date software with the possibility of upgrading over the Internet
  • Clear, intuitive, touch control - next to the display there are 6 touch keys with which you can easily control the whole device - use the arrow keys to select, the Enter key to confirm, the Exit key to exit, Alarm and Menu to set
  • Free wireless RF connection - uses RF technology for communication, the signal spreads widely, in normal buildings, fields, forests, reaches a distance up to 10 km
  • Possibility of connecting an external antenna and increasing the communication range up to 30 km
  • There is no need for a SIM card, so there are no additional costs for operating the device
  • Large, fully graphic LCD display - measures 6,5 x 6,5 cm, is sufficient to display the necessary information and can be adjusted according to your needs (brightness, contrast)
  • Overview screen with information about all energizers and monitors - you can immediately see what is happening in the fences and where an alarm has been activated
  • Detailed display of parameters of an individual energizer or monitor - in detailed screen you can see the exact data, in addition, information about the last transmission and the set alarm
  • Adjustable alarm level for each connected device - you can set a different voltage value for each fence, according to your experience and habits
  • Mains supply + battery backup - we use a 14 V adapter for power supply, but you will also appreciate the possibility to disconnect and use the inserted set of batteries as a backup
  • Possibility to connect an external warning system (siren, light) - it is possible to connect an external device to the output relay, which will signal problem with fence even better
  • Unboxing, installing and pairing the central device
  • Control electric fence from anywhere, anytime
  • Life with fencee Cloud app

Connect gateway to the fencee Cloud

fencee Cloud is a secure place on the Internet through which all necessary devices communicates with each other.

  • Connect all RF fencee devices to the Cloud and control the fence from practically anywhere in the world

Find out more about fencee Cloud.

Connect gateway to the fencee Cloud
Detailed screen

Detailed screen

Clear display of all available information about a specific device.

  • 1. Type of device
  • 2. Condition and power of device
  • 3. Signal level
  • 4. Value of the voltage on fence [kV]
  • 5. Power and condition according to the current fence load
  • 6. Current set value for triggering an alarm [kV]
  • 7. Battery voltage status, if connected [V]. Or monitor battery status (%)
  • 8. Time since the last information received from the device
  • 9. Current fence load
  • 10. WiFi gateway connection status
  • 11. MAC address of the device

Overview screen

Displays all connected devices. You have an overview of status and performance of the device, signal quality. You can clearly see the individual battery states of all devices.

  • 1. Device type - designation GX or MX

G - indicates a energizer type device

M - indicates a monitor type device

X - indicates an optional name for distinguishing individual energizers 1 – 6 or monitors  A - F

  • 2. Energizer state and power
  • 3. Last measured voltage on the fence [kV]
  • 4. Radio signal level between device and gateway
  • 5. Displays battery status, if connected to energizer, or the monitor's battery status
  • 6. Indication of the last response of the device
  • 7. Indication of audible warning activation
Overview screen
Modern smart farm under control

Modern smart farm under control

You can connect the Gateway via WiFi to the fencee Cloud, from which you can control all connected devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Internet control is not limited by distance
  • Possibility to control up to 12 devices via one gateway

Zlatý Klas Award 2021

FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100 device won the Zlatý Klas 2021 award at the International Exhibition Země živitelka in České Budějovice. Award was given for innovative contribution to modern agriculture.

Zlatý Klas Award 2021

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