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How to Positive-Negative electric fence

We bring you a detailed description of the electric fence connection for the Positive-Negative line, so-called without grounding. Well-executed wiring is important for the correct functioning of your electric fence. This way is especially suitable for protecting your home and garden from various pests and predators.

How to fight against pests?

With a well-designed Positive-Negative electric fence, you will increase the electric shock in the wires and increase the chance of stopping pests from doing damage to your property. The most common case for using this way is to install an electric fence against martens, otters, and other pests.

Plus-Mínus vedení elektrického ohradníku

Connecting the energizer to the Positive-Negative electric fence 

What is Positive-Negative electric fence

The pos-neg electric fence is groundless, in short, this means that the animal does not have to be in contact with the ground to get an electric shock. The two wires of the electric fence are run parallel to each other and the pulse occurs when they are connected. It is important to choose the right distance between the wires so that the animal cannot penetrate between the wires without touching both wires at the same time. Touching the two wires will also cause a very intense impulse because the current is only flowing through a small part of the body at the time.

Vedení PLUS-MINUS fencee
Special insulators on the gutter to allow Positive-Negative electric fence

Areas of application Positive-Negative electric fence

This method is most often used to fight against pests such as martens or weasels that try to get into your homes, roofs. There they then cause damage to your property. These pests mainly use gutters and downspouts to gain access to your home, which can be safely and effectively secured with special gutter insulators developed specifically for Positive-Negative electric fence.

Another opportunity for use is to limit access to stray cats and raccoons that climb fences into your gardens. Here you need to pull at least two wires with the Positive-Negative installation. Attacks by foxes, martens, otters or even hungry cats on chicken coops or breeding ponds are not rare. Thanks to the Positive-Negative electric fence, you will prevent damage and provide effective protection against unwelcome pests.

Insulator for electric fence against marten with 4 eyelets

Weigth: 80 g
Dimension: 12,5 × 3,5 × 2 cm
In the package: 1 pcs
Product detail

Electric fence insulator for gutter against the marten, Ø 87 - 92 mm

Diameter: Ø 87 - 92 mm
Weigth: 390 g
In the package: 1 pcs
Product detail

Electric fence insulator for gutter against the marten, Ø 102 - 106 mm

Diameter: Ø 102 - 106 mm
Weigth: 450 g
In the package: 1 pcs
Product detail

Insulator for electric fence against marten with 2 eyelets

Weigth: 42 g
Dimension: 8 × 3,5 × 2 cm
In the package: 1 pcs
Product detail

Pad under the car against marten and other pests

Colour: black - matt
Weight: 9 kg
Dimension: 115 x 99 cm
Product detail
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Another common problem is a marten hiding in the engine of a car, where it can do a lot of damage and chew cables. For this case, the most effective solution is an electric pad under the car, which will prevent pests from entering your vehicle. The pad will ensure 100% protection of your vehicle against the marten.

How does the electric pad work? 

Find out what the electric pad looks like and how to install it in our video.

If you need to protect your property from a marten, contact us. Together, we will find a reliable and effective solution in the fight against all pests.

How to Positive-Negative electric fence


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