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Practical tips for installing device with an antenna

Practical tips for installing device with an antenna

Install the device with antenna so that there is a direct line of sight between them.

  • Make sure that the antennas are high enough above obstacles and that there is nothing obstructing the signal path.
  • You need to check the height of trees, hills, buildings, or other objects in the path between the antennas.
  • The location of the antennas as high as possible above the ground is beneficial for good RF signal propagation.
  • If it is impossible to meet the direct visibility between the antennas, try to eliminate as much as possible any obstacles in the path of the RF signal.
  • The signal spreads poorly through dense space (draws, dense bushes, dense forest).

Radio Path - the way to the signal

Signal propagation space is the area around the imaginary line between the antennas into which the radio waves propagate after leaving the antenna. you need to keep the radio path unobstructed to maintain signal strength.

External antennas are placed above the horizon (hill) and can see each other. The signal is thus transmitted without any problems.

External antennas are placed far below the horizon and the communication device are located in a radio shadow.


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