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Solution for modern smart farm

Solution for modern smart farm

Czech manufacturer of electric energizers is introducing comprehensive Smart Farm solution on the market, specifically for monitoring of fences and pastures for animals. These systems are also frequently used to protect crops and property. The entire system is based on RF technology (transmissions using radio frequency signal); it is able to carry out communication up to 30 kilometres and enables control and monitoring of up to 6 energizers from one central Gateway. Questions about this system are answered by Jiří Novák, VNT electronics s.r.o. owner

DUO RF fencee energizers have been on the market since 2018, which enable the energizer to be controlled by a controller at a distance of 10 kilometres. But now, the Czech company arrives with the comprehensive Smart Farm solution, which is provided with centrally controlling Gateway and control Monitor to be able to measure fences at any location. How exactly does the technology work and what are the options for choosing the energizer?

We manufacture DUO PDX RF fencee power emergizer series with the output power from 1 to 7 Joules. The energizer power depends on the particular fence system, the type of animal and on the customer’s choice. The energizer is the essential part of the Smart Farm system as it supplies electrical power to the fence. The central device that collects data from energizers and Monitors is Gateway GW10 device, with which you able to set and control the individual energizer functions from one location. Monitor MX10 is the control device, which the customer may install anywhere within the fence system where problems (thick vegetation, game, etc.) frequently occur. The Monitor device monitors the fence voltage and in the event that it drops below the set level, it sends warning signal to the Gateway, which in turn triggers alarm. The whole system works just with RF technologies, it does not require SIM card thus there are no additional operating costs.

Does this mean that I don't have to register products anywhere after the purchase and I don't require any other applications on my phone?

None of this is required; before using the energizer or the Monitor, you may easily pair it with the Gateway and install it at the required location within the fence system. The entire system is up and running in minutes. In addition, RF energizers are universal battery energizers with the option of connecting to the mains or to the car battery, thanks to which they may be used anywhere.

How far can I control and monitor my fences?

All products are sold with the basic antenna that has a range of up to 10 kilometres. This certainly is appropriate for normal conditions and fence system nearby. We also offer external antenna suitable for larger plots and more rugged environment as it has longer receiving radius. It is easily replaced on the device and may be placed at a higher location than the device, such as wooden pole, building gable or tree. With it, control of fence energizers may be carried outs at a distance of up to 30 kilometres.

What am I actually able to control and change and what am I able to monitor in real time?

Up to 6 energizers or Monitors may be paired on the Gateway; its large display shows each fence status, its voltage, energizer power and battery voltage. Using the touch panel, the display is easy to operate and is well arranged. You are able to control and set the energizer power to the full or half, set the value for triggering the alarm and turn the energizer off or on remotely. This is a great feature of the whole system, namely the ability to respond immediately to the situation. If you find a problem or receive error message, travel to the location, turn the energizer off remotely, solve the problem and then turn the energizer on. You don't have to call anyone to turn your fence off, don't have to search around the fence and look for a problem as you are able arrive at the exact location thanks to the Monitor.

What other features does Smart Farm offer?

You will without doubt appreciate the alarm messages, particularly when the energizer or the Monitor indicates the fence voltage drop. There may be many causes, but from your knowledge of the conditions you are able to assess whether it is "just" high grass or more serious problem, such as fallen branch affecting the fence, torn lines, etc. Another generated alarm is the low battery or if the connection is lost. This could indicate that remote devices have been disconnected or just that the signal loss occurred for an extended period of time.

Thus this is device that makes it easier to monitor and saves time when checking fences?

Exactly, thanks to the Smart Farm whole system, you will always know what is happening within the fence systems and whether all the fences are working properly. Alternatively, you will immediately find out where the problem occurred and solve it. You are able turn the fence off at the location, repair it, and turn it on again. Simple and practical

Signed: Adam Novák


"I have 3 fences connected to the Gateway, so I have an overview of them all at the same time and I save a lot of time than when I had to drive to check the fences. I know right away that something is going on at all times."

Adam M., Beskydy

"I have the Gateway at home as the central control and alarm, but I carry the controller with me all the time when I walk outside around the fences. I see a big advantage in the fact that I do not pay additional fees for SIM cards."

Petr B., Litoměřice

My parents are old and don't have to go check the fences every morning. When there is a problem, the Gateway triggers alarm, which I consider to be is biggest advantage."

Pavlína N., Lhota u Vsetína


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