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Electric fence polyropes

Ropes for the electric fence are made of polypropylene, which determines the thickness of the rope and acts as a conductor carrier. The material, number and diameter of the conductor determine the quality of the rope, conductivity. Longer fences overgrown with vegetation require better conductors, thus ensuring sufficient voltage along the entire length of the fence.

The advantages of polyropes include high strength, good visibility, long life and also the fact that they can be easily rolled up and stored out of season.

As a disadvantage, we can mention their higher weight, due to which it is necessary to have the posts, poles closer to each other. And also, paradoxically, their high strength, due to which the animal can be injured during scaring and sudden running into the fence.

We offer polyropes with stainless steel, copper conductors or a mixture of conductors. Rope diameters 4,5 mm - 6 mm.

The polyropes are suitable for fences with all kinds of animals.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable polyrope, contact us.

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Polyrope for electric fence, diameter 4,5 mm, white

Diameter: 4,5 mm
Length: 200 m
Conductor: stainless steel 3 x 0,30 mm
Product detail

Polyrope for electric fence, diameter 6 mm, blue-white

Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 200 m
Conductor: stainless steel 5 x 0,20 mm, copper 1 x 0,25 mm
Product detail