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Electric fence nets

Nets are suitable for fences with animals such as sheep, poultry, dog, rabbit or as protection of land from predators and game. Manipulation and mounting of the net is simple, building it, no tools are needed. The individual points of the network are welded with special technology. They are made of durable plastic with UV protection.

You can choose from several types of nets:

We offer all nets in the length of 50 m. They have high-quality stainless steel conductors that guarantee high conductivity.

Double metal stainless steel spikes ensure easy handling and mounting.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable net, contact us.

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Electric fence net for sheep

Length: 50 m
Heigth: 90 cm
Conductor: 8 wires s 3 x 0,20 mm
Product detail

Electric fence nets for dogs, rabbits

Length: 50 m
Heigth: 65 cm
Conductor: 9 wires with 3 x 0,20 mm
Product detail

Poultry electric fence net

Length: 50 m
Heigth: 112 cm
Conductor: 11 wires with 3 x 0,20 mm
Product detail