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Automatic chicken coop door, 230 V adapter + solar panel

Functions of product Automatic chicken coop door, 230 V adapter + solar panel

Anti-pinch function solar panel connection timer function predator prevention light sensor battery indication combination of functions easy to use

Product´s description Automatic chicken coop door, 230 V adapter + solar panel

Practical automatic chicken coop door with timer and light sensor that reacts to ambient light (dusk switch). Multiple modes can be set to control the self-opening coop door. Constructed of rugged durable plastic and aluminum alloy.

Automatic coop door for LESS WORRIES AND MORE SAFETY

The automatic closing and opening of the chicken coop is a practical accessory that saves you time and trouble. The electric automatic door protects your poultry from predators and pests. Protecting your poultry and eggs from fox, marten, weasel, predators and vipers.

Get rid of worrying about your hens in your absence. With an automatic door, you'll know your poultry are locked in the safety of the coop at the right time, keeping them safe from pests.

POWERING the automatic coop door

The power supply for this version of the automatic hen door is provided by a 230 V adapter + a small solar panel. The door can also be powered by two AA batteries (not included in this variant).

Resistance to UV, weather

High quality construction with waterproof driver that resists moisture, rain. With industrial grade components and materials, the controller works smoothly from - 20℃ to + 50℃. The light sensor has temperature compensation, which makes the controller much more stable even in winter. UV resistance. The product is environmentally friendly.

PREPARATION, ample space

Before installation, make sure you have enough space for installation. A minimum of 31 cm of space above the top edge of the door must be provided for smooth operation of the appliance. Left, right and bottom at least 3 cm from the edge of the appliance. The required opening size for mounting the device is therefore 25,4 × 20,3 × 4,8 cm. 

EXIT mode (sensor)

Unless the user sets a different mode, the door operates automatically in the default mode. The default mode is sensor mode (opening and closing). In the default mode, the door detects ambient brightness via a light sensor, opens when it detects daylight, and closes when it is dark.


  1. Timer - opens/closes the door at the time you set.
  2. Sensor - opens/closes the door according to the ambient light (brightness).
  3. Sensor + Timer - when any mode reaches the set value, the door will open automatically.

Anti-pinch function

This feature prevents your pets from getting caught when the door closes automatically. When the door automatically closes and it detects that something is blocking it from closing completely, it will automatically open and then repeat the closing process. If even after three attempts the door does not close completely, "E2" appears on the display and the light flashes rapidly. When the "E2" alarm is signalled, check the door area and then press "ok". The door will then start to operate as previously set.

Solar panel features:

  • The solar panel has a built-in 200 mAH lithium battery.
  • Panel size: 14 × 13 × 1,7 cm
  • Electrical voltage: 9,36 V
  • Output voltage: 7,4 V

Automatic door features:

  • Door size: 34,9 × 24,1 × 4,6 cm
  • Door weight: 0,85 kg
  • Operating temperature range: - 20℃ to + 50℃
  • Power supply voltage: 3,0 V (5,2 V for adapter)
  • Power supply current: 0,08 mA

Package contents:

  • Automatic door
  • Instructions for assembly
  • 230 V adapter with USB power cable
  • Solar panel with 180 cm cable
  • 6 × Screws

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