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Premium solar fence kit - Complete security box + energizer power DUO 5 J, 100 W panel

Premium solar fence kit - Complete security box + energizer power DUO 5 J, 100 W panel

Premium solar fence kit - Complete security box + energizer power DUO 5 J, 100 W panel

Functions of product Premium solar fence kit - Complete security box + energizer power DUO 5 J, 100 W panel

Combined operation Power Switching Zlatý Klas Award ON/OFF button LED diodes LED Bargraph Battery management ST transformer

Product´s description Premium solar fence kit - Complete security box + energizer power DUO 5 J, 100 W panel

A practical solution for operating the fence in places without electricity during the season. Solar-powered fence kit suitable for electric fences up to 40 km.

Security box for energizer and battery, Mounting mandrel and 10 A regulator included

Security box for electric fence energizer and battery. Electrifiable metal battery box with robust mounting mandrel. The box can be connected to the fence energizer, then energized - anti-theft protection, 2 × insulated key to open the box safely. Complete wiring and earthing included. Has a DIN fencee rail for quick and easy attachment of the fencee energizer. 10 A regulator for 100 W solar panel.

Security box features:

  • robust box made of galvanized steel.
  • stable mounting mandrel to the box 41,5 cm long
  • internal ground connection for the fence energizer
  • all wires inside the box
  • space for a battery with a maximum length of 36,5 cm
  • high voltage box - excellent protection against theft
  • insulated keys for safe unlocking of the box
  • external dimensions of the box: 37 × 37 × 34,5 cm (W×D×H)

More about the 10 A security deposit box with regulator

5 J energizer fencee power DUO with combined power supply

Electric fence energizer 12/230 V with 5 J. The fence can be used anywhere thanks to the solar battery charging. BrightLight LED on the front of the device indicates the operation of the energizer. Possibility to switch the power to 50 %, SafeShock technology, ON/OFF button for safe energizer control and several other features of fencee power DUO PD energizers.

Combined energizer fencee power DUO PD50

100 W solar panel for electric fence

The location of the solar panel must be chosen to be south facing and as perpendicular to the sun as possible. Poor positioning, shielding and dirt will reduce the performance of the solar panel. The fence energizer cannot be powered by the solar panel alone, the battery and controller must always be connected at the same time.

More about the 100 W solar panel

Mounting bracket for attaching the 100 W solar panel to the security box

Mounting bracket for mounting the 100 W solar panel on the security box. Consists of 4 parts and fasteners. Please refer to the instructions on how to assemble the bracket for mounting the solar panel.

Instructions for assembling the mounting bracket

Package contents:

The following accessories can be purchased with the solar fence kit:

Toxic material Battery for electric fence 12 V 44 Ah

Battery for electric fence 12 V 44 Ah

High quality and reliable car battery, suitable for use with electric fence. Ergonomic…

Power source 230 V ~ / 12 V
Energizer consumption 230 V 9 W
Energizer consumption 12 V 100 - 420 mA
Input energy 7,5 J
Output energy 5 J
Output voltage 11000 V
Output voltage 500 Ω 6600 V
LED impulse
LED low battery voltage
LED lower power 50%
LED error check
LED impulse bargraph
TEOR. max. CEE 140 km
Low vegetation 40 km
Medium vegetation 10 km
High vegetation 4 km
Earthing 1 m 3 ×
El. fence nets 8 ×
Diameter 210 mm
Depth 66 mm
Weigth 1557 g


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