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Electric fence polytapes

High strength, tear resistance and UV protection ensure long life of the polytapes. Available with stainless steel or copper conductor in various lengths, color combinations and widths.

Stainless steel conductor is stronger and has higher resistance, unlike copper conductor, which is more fragile but noticeably more conductive. Usually a combination of both materials is used, thus achieving optimal robustness and better conductivity of the tape.

Polytapes for the electric fence are suitable for common as well as more demanding installations. You can use high-quality polytapes with low resistance for long fences.

They are especially suitable for fences with horses. In case of sudden stampeding and running into the fence, the animal will not cut itself with the tape, because it is flexible and will tear sooner.

The tape is very well seen and is often installed on the top row of the fence in combination with a less visible conductor such as wire.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable polytape, contact us.

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Polytape for electric fence, width 10 mm, yellow-orange

Length: 250 m
Conductor: stainless 4 x 0,16 mm
Colour: yellow-orange
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Polytape for electric fence, width 20 mm, white

Length: 200 m
Conductor: stainless 5 x 0,16 mm
Colour: white
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Tape for electric fence, width 20 mm, green-white

Length: 200 m
Conductor: stainless steel 3 x 0,25 mm, copper 3 x 0,25 mm
Colour: gree-white
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