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Functions and characteristics of fencee energy DUO RF EDX energizers

Combined operation

Power supply is possible from a 230 V network using an adapter or from a conventional 12 V battery, also usable as a backup supply.

Cloud connection

Device can be connected to the Cloud and remotely controlled using a mobile phone via the fencee Cloud application or the web interface.

Control from phone

Control and monitor all devices using the fencee Cloud mobile application.

Online information

Thanks to the connection to the Cloud, you have always online current information about all connected devices online.

Alarm signalling

Device signals alarms that alert you audibly. Especially for a drop in voltage on the fence below the set level (normally 3 kV), but also a warning of a low battery condition of the device or a signal loss reporting.

LCD Display

The large, easy to read graphic LCD display shows all important information. Thanks to the adjustable contrast of the display, it is easy to read from a distance even in direct sunlight.

Reduced output

Yellow clip for reduced output. You can use the reduced output for a smaller fence or for connection to the lowest wire. In the case of vegetation growth, only reduced performance will be affected and there will be no significant loss of tension on the fence.

Earthing measurement

Green clip for measuring earthing quality.

No SIM CARD needed

Devices use free RF radio technology (radio frequency). No SIM CARD is required for operation. There are no additional costs for the operation of the device.

Power Switching

Manual switching between high and low power. Optional for the user to save battery when needed.

Time delay 50 s

Increase power to maximum power for safety reasons. 

Extreme power

Energizers of this series have a very strong output up to 15 J. They are suitable for places where you need to ensure maximum reliability.

LED Bargraph

Visually gives information about the state of the fence.

Battery management

Checking and managing the battery status.

ST transformer

Special ST transformer, extra high voltage with long term protection.

LED diodes

Modern LED diodes with BrightLight technology offering high luminosity.

Smart Control

Smart Control technology provides microprocessor-controlled operation and optimal performance of the energizer.

Saves time

The end of constant walking. You can see the status of the fence on your phone.


The SafeShock technology ensures maximum safety for your animals. Specially shaped impulse curve.

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Basic specifications of fencee energy DUO RF EDX energizers

Series of high-performance combined fencee energy DUO RF EDX energizers with high power from 8 to 15 J and a possible installation length up to 120 km. Due to the power of up to 15 J, they can provide sufficient voltage even for long fences burdened with vegetation.

Energizers of this series are suitable for long fences burdened with vegetation. Applicable for all types of larger or more resistant animals like cows, sheep,  at the same time it protects against pests such as wild pigs or wild animals. They are also suitable for young animals (calves, foals), thanks to the yellow output clip with reduced energy.

The energizers can be controlled remotely by a mobile phone through the fencee Cloud application or from the web interface.

A central control device FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100 is required to connect to the Cloud. Once connected to the Cloud, you can control the energizers from virtually anywhere in the world. Depends on the internet coverage. 

General characteristics:

  • Possibility to connect to the Cloud
  • Powered by the mains using a 230 V adapter or a standard 12 V battery
  • Battery power is suitable in places without electricity or as a backup source
  • Energizers have microprocessor-controlled operation with the possibility of switching the output energy to 50% or 100%. This function is useful to save battery power if needed.
  • On the large LCD display you have clear information about important values on the fence
  • Using the setting buttons, you can easily set and check all the necessary parameters

At the output of the energizer is a black earthing clip, a red clip for attachment of fences, a yellow clip for connecting fence with permanently reduced energy and a green clip for measuring the quality of the earthing.

The basic range of radio communication (RF) between the energizer and the gateway is up to 10 km in normal terrain and buildings. In difficult, eg hilly terrain, the range is shortened, on the contrary, in open space it can be even longer. An external antenna can be used to increase the signal transmission range between the energizer and the gateway, thus increasing the communication range up to a distance of 30 km.

Control from phone

Control enegizers through mobile phone or web interface and get constant control over fences from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Monitor and set values
  • Online notifications to phone and email in case of a problem
Control from phone
Connect energizer to the fencee Cloud

Connect energizer to the fencee Cloud

fencee Cloud is a secure place on the Internet through which all necessary devices communicates with each other.

  • Connect all RF fencee devices to the Cloud and control the fence from practically anywhere in the world

Find out more about fence Cloud.

Reduced output - yellow clip

Yellow clip with reduced output.

  • 1. Possibility of connection separately to the bottom wire, where vegetation is expected to grow. If overgrowth begins to occur, it will only affect reduced output and there will be no loss of voltage on fence
  • 2. Output can also be used for a second smaller fence in which smaller and younger animals move
Reduced output - yellow clip
Earthing measurement - green clip

Earthing measurement - green clip

Green clip for control earthing measurement.

  • You can easily find out on display if existing earthing is sufficient or needs to be improved
  • For measurement it's necessary to install a measuring electrode 10 m from earthing. Use a well-guiding stainless steel rod at least 20 cm long. Connect with a high voltage cable to green connection of the energizer

Power switching 50% / 100%

  • Possibility of switching power in fencee Cloud application or on energizer with the ON / OFF button
  • Power switching saves energy and allows use for short fences where you don't need high performance
Power switching 50% / 100%
Modern smart farm under control

Modern smart farm under control

Connect energizer to the Cloud and control the device using a mobile phone through the fencee Cloud application from anywhere in the world.

  • Internet control is not limited by distance

  • Control up to 12 devices through FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100

Connection with FENCE GATEWAY

You can connect RF energizers to the control Gateway. This gives you an instant overview of all connected energizers from one place. 

With the FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100 you can connect energizers to the Cloud and control them remotely from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Control up to 12 energizers
  • Alarm functions
  • Current information

Get an overview of:

  • Energizer power and condition
  • Signal quality
  • The last measured voltage on the fence
  • Battery status
  • Set alarms
Connection with FENCE GATEWAY
Practical tips for installing device with an antenna

Practical tips for installing device with an antenna

Good signal is needed for a quality connection.

  • Good RF signal propagation benefits from placing the antennas as high above the ground as possible

Learn more about installing a device with an antenna. You will find practical advice in our leaflet