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Dogtrace d-guard mini photo trap

Functions of product Dogtrace d-guard mini photo trap

IR diodes 940nm waterproof camera resolution photo 20 Mpx resolution video 1080 px lens vision 90° color photo number diodes 10 display size 2"

Product´s description Dogtrace d-guard mini photo trap

The photo trap remains in standby mode and activates independently within 0.4 s of motion detection.

During the day, the photo trap takes colour photos or videos. At night or in low light conditions, the camera's infrared LEDs are activated to act as an invisible flash, allowing black and white photos and videos to be taken.

The photo trap is perfectly waterproof and snowproof, so it can be left outdoors for months while automatically saving photos or videos in digital format to anSD memory card.

Using the photo trap:

  • Wildlife tracking or tracking while hunting
  • surveillance and intrusion prevention in homes, shops, offices, agriculture, etc.

Features of d-guard mini photo trap:

  • 10 invisible 940nm IR LEDs do not emit any type of flash or visible light
  • powered by AA 1.5 batteries (not included) or DC 6V adapter (not included)
  • lower gloss design to allow for more camouflaged placement
  • Attaches to a screw stand, tripod thread or belt
  • tripod allows the camera to be mounted on trees, walls, ceilings
  • standby battery lasts up to 6 months
  • programmable on/off time
  • Waterproof photo trap with IP65 protection
  • 20 Mpx photos and 1080 HD video with sound
  • Adjustable video length 3 s to 1 h
  • 5 s to 1 h frame interval
  • burst mode up to 3 photos
  • up to 32 GB SD card
  • Integrated USB port
  • time-lapse function

Package contents:

  • Photo Trap
  • USB cable
  • operating instructions
  • mounting strap
  • stand with screw base
Power source 4× AA 1.5V batteries
Weigth 185 g
Dimension 105×85×60 mm
In the package 1 pcs

Manuals and files for downloading

Manual Dogtrace Phototrap d-guard mini


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