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Functions and characteristics of monitoring device Monitor MX10


It measures the fence voltage parameters and sends the data to the Gateway.

Operation using magnet

Easy and safe ON / OFF control by attaching a magnet.

No SIM CARD needed

Devices use free RF radio technology (radio frequency). No SIM CARD is required for operation. There are no additional costs for the operation of the device.

LED diodes

Modern LED diodes with BrightLight technology offering high luminosity.

External antenna

Possibility of connecting an external antenna through SMA connector. External antenna allows you to increase the range of device to a distance up to 30km.

IP44 protection

The monitor is completely durable. IP44 degree of protection against splashing water from every direction. The monitor may be placed on a fence and may not be fully protected from rain and weather conditions.

Battery management

Checking and managing the battery status.

Range up to 10 km

With basic antenna, you can control and monitor the device at a distance up to 10 km.

Range up to 30 km

Use an external antenna to increase the range. You can control and monitor all connected devices at a distance up to 30 km.

RF technology

The device works with wireless and free RF technology. There are no additional operating costs.

Basic specifications of Monitor MX10

Device for remote monitoring of fence parameters. It monitors critical places on the fence and immediately informs about voltage drops. It measures fence voltage and wirelessly sends data to the central Gateway.

Connecting to fencee Cloud:

General characteristics:

  • It is possible to install more Monitors on one fence and divide it into several zones
  • In case of a voltage drop at measured location below the set limit, an alarm alert is sent to the central Gateway and the user will immediately know about the defect
  • Wireless RF connection with Gateway - we use wireless radio frequency technology for communication, signal spreads widely, in common buildings, fields, forests, reaches up to 10 case of more demanding terrain, we recommend adding external antenna that can reach up to 30 km
  • No SIM required (no additional costs) - using a radio signal you don't have to pay any provider. It works reliably even where there is normally no coverage of mobile networks
  • Simple and safe operation with a magnet
  • Easy and quick connection of FASTON connectors
  • LED indication BrightLight 

Installation and options of the Monitor MX10

  • The guard who never sleeps
  • Real-time fence monitoring
  • Remote control and monitoring electric fence by mobile phone

How does it work?

  • 1. The monitor recognizes a decline in the fencing voltage and sends information to the central gateway
  • 2. The gateway sends an alarm within a few seconds
  • 3. You can switch off the power supply to the fencing conveniently via the fencee Cloud application and eliminate a problem
  • 4. Once the problem is eliminated, you can switch on the fencing via the application and measure the fencing with the use of a tester
How does it work?
MX10 monitor installation options

MX10 monitor installation options

We recommend 4 possible installation types, depending on the situation.

  • Standard Installation
  • At the entrance to fence and problematic places
  • At the entrance to fence
  • Control installation for closing the gate

TIP: Place monitor in locations where it is necessary to monitor the voltage (entrance to the fence) or where frequent problems can be expected, eg with vegetation, by the forest, near the water.

Display of values on the GW10 gateway

Displaying paired monitor on the gateway GW10 and all available information about specific monitor.

  • 1. Device type
  • 2. Time since last data transfer
  • 3. Monitor battery voltage status [%]
  • 4. Current set value for triggering an alarm [kV]
  • 5. Value of the voltage on fence [kV]
  • 6. Signal level between monitor and gateway
Display of values on the GW10 gateway
Modern smart farm under control

Modern smart farm under control

Connect monitor to the Cloud and get maximum overview of all fences from anywhere in the world.

  • With RF energizer and central gateway, you can conveniently control and monitor fences from a mobile phone using the fencee Cloud application.

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