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Electric fence wires

Low resistance and very long service life make galvanized steel wires a suitable choice for long and permanent fencing.

High conductivity ensures minimal voltage losses even in a very long fence.

The wires are suitable for fences with animals such as goats, cattle, sheep, pigs.

As a disadvantage, it should be mentioned that the wires are less visible. They are not suitable for horses because they risk being cut if they accidentally run into a fence.

For horses, polytapes are most commonly used that are clearly visible, flexible and there is no risk of cuts. Then also the polyropes, which are stronger.

For better visibility of the fence with wire, a polytape can be installed on the top row, which is very visible.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable wire, contact us.

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Steel galvanized wire for electric fence, Ø 2 mm

Diameter: 2 mm
Length: 200 m
Resistance: 0,05 Ω/m
Product detail

Stranded wire for electric fence, Ø 1,6 mm

Diameter: 1,6 mm
Length: 200 m
Resistance: 0,12 Ω/m
Product detail