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Modern Smart Farm system at Zdeňka Pohlreich's ranch

Modern Smart Farm system at Zdeňka Pohlreich's ranch

Mrs. Pohlreich liked the idea of an efficient way to remotely control and monitor electric fences from her mobile phone and PC. After a short communication about all the advantages and functions of this unique system, we agreed on a date for a visit, during which the Smart RF energizer was launched and paired with the central device FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100. The result is a perfect overview of the electric fences with her horses, regardless of whether the owner is at the ranch, at home in Prague, or anywhere else.

Connecting and pairing RF devices

On the morning of June 14th, we set off on our journey to Zdeňka Pohlreich's Barefoot Ranch. After about two hours of driving, we found ourselves in a picturesque village in Líšnice, near Prague. The beautiful weather and calming atmosphere were complemented by a pleasant welcome from Mrs. Zdeňka together with one of her employees, with whom they currently manage a relatively large area with several smaller paddocks and one larger horse enclosure with a total area of 15 hectares. A short walk around the ranch followed, during which we saw the well-maintained electric fences and the beautiful horses that were walking almost everywhere in the yard at that time. After a short discussion and clarification of everything needed, the main element of the Modern Smart Farm system - central device FENCE WiFi GATEWAY GW100 was paired with the pre-prepared Smart electric fence energizer energy DUO RF EDX150. Within minutes everything was plugged in and paired. The timing was just right, as new clients had just arrived at the ranch so we had no choice but to say goodbye to Mrs. Zdeňka. So that we don't keep her from her work.

In the video below, see how to pair the central WiFi gateway with a Smart RF energizer.

Barefoot Ranch, horses, and activities

The beautiful ranch, which was established 12 years ago, is mainly used for stabling its own and other horses. It is also for loyal customers who like to come back to Líšnice to see Mrs. Pohlreich and her horses. The main attractions are the horse riding trips to the stunning nature in the surroundings, then also a relaxing stay on the ranch, camps for children and a Saturday event called "Rancher", when you work on the ranch in the morning and in the afternoon it's time for fun and horse riding. When Mrs. Zdeňka told us that this place used to be only mined fields with grain and rape, we could not believe it. All the horses are easily fed on hay collected from the beautiful green pasture. The water fountain, which is situated near the fences, serves as a watering hole. At the time of our presence, there were a total of 10 horses on the ranch, 5 of our own and 5 of someone else's for stabling.

Check out all the opportunities and activities offered at Barefoot Ranch at

Pastures and electric fences

As we have already mentioned, the total area of the ranch is approximately 15 hectares. The main electric fence with the largest area is 10 ha. The second largest fence is 3 hectares. The remaining 2 hectares are reserved for a couple of smaller paddocks near the yard. So it may happen that the horse comes to you right in front of the doorstep. All electric fences are powered by one energizer energy DUO RF EDX150 with an output power of 15 J. With the gradual building of electric fences, we see several types of plastic fence posts, robust wooden posts at the corners, and also the popular recycled plastic posts which are liked because of their very good workability and resistance to rot. Many electric fence gates consist exclusively of gates with a flexible wire, which significantly reduces the risk of injury to horses by not getting long tails tangled in them, as in the gates with a spring, which Mrs. Zdeňka does not recommend for horses.

When selecting wires for electric fencing, mainly electric fence tapes with copper wires were used for the best conductivity. In addition, the electric fence ropes can also be said to be the most suitable safe conductor for horse fencing.

Reasons to purchase a Modern Smart Farm

Knowing that the horses are in right place and safe, even when no one is present on the ranch, was the main reason for purchasing a Smart remote-controlled electric fence that provides vital information about the electric fence via mobile phone at any time. Often the owner goes away from the ranch and loses sight of the electric fences keeping the horses in a safe zone. Now this innocence and constant worry about the horse is gone. Now the owner and any other authorized person with access to the fencee Cloud app will be kept informed of any defects that may occur in the electric fence.

In the event of a fault situation, e.g. when a branch falls on the fence and damages the wires, an alarm is sounded. A voltage loss notification is sent immediately to the mobile phone, as well as to the specified email from the fencee Cloud web interface for PC and laptop.

It was also pointed out that the ability to turn the energizer power OFF/ON with single touch of a mobile phone from anywhere is great very practical and useful. The owner knows very well what she is talking about as she takes care of her electric fences herself with her worker. Fence repairs and the never-ending cutting of the vegetation under the wires are practically the order of the day. All the features and benefits of a Smart Farm with the fencee Cloud app.

Choice of energizer for electric fences

Although the total length of the electric fences is not so huge, our most powerful Smart RF energizer fencee energy DUO RF EDX150 with an output power of 15 J was chosen. The owner had previously dealt with unreliable energizers with insufficient output power from competitors. That's why she chose our energizer with the highest power, to make sure that the horses will respect the electric fence and be safely guarded even when they don't have enough time to mow the undergrowth under the wires that bring the voltage to the ground. Such a powerful fence energizer, which increases the power according to the current load of the fence, has no problem supplying voltage even in very long and grass-covered fences.

Electric fence energizer fencee energy DUO RF EDX150

The powerful combined electric fence energizer is suitable for long (up to 120 km) fences…

In the event of insufficient energizer power, the user will know about it, because the energizer also displays on a large LCD display the resistance in Ohms, which tells about the load on the fence, for example, high vegetation. This information is also displayed in the fencee Cloud app. This makes it easy to assess that cutting the tall grass around the fence is already urgent for the proper functioning of the electric fence.

"We are completely satisfied with the fencee Smart Farm solution. The electric fence energizer works better than the competition, it is much more sophisticated and horses respect it. Control via the mobile app is perfect."   

Zdeňka Pohlreich

The basic element of a Smart Farm system

The heart of the entire Modern Smart Farm system is the central device FENCE WIFi GATEWAY GW100. The central unit is connected via WiFi and remotely controls all the energizers and Monitors that you can place around your electric fence. The monitoring device Monitor MX10 measures the voltage value in specific sections of the fence and helps to identify the location of the problem more quickly. Read more in the article about the installation options of the Monitor MX10.

Device for remote central control and operation of RF energizers power DUO RF PDX and energy DUO RF EDX and for monitoring the voltage in the fence system with control Monitor MX10.

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Video demonstrating the Modern Smart Farm

A short video demonstrating a remotely monitored and controlled fence via the fencee Cloud app. A demonstration of the basic features of this unique system that now allows the Barefoot Ranch to monitor and control their electric fences whenever they want.

If you would like to purchase our efficient Modern Smart Farm system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you fine-tune the details regarding installation.

Few photos from the ranch

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